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why is it at night i feel like im being eaten alive from the inside out ??


All I wanna do is be cute

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Done by Greggletron.

I love this guys work i will get a tattoo by him if it kills me financialy

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I think I am leaving this page up. I won’t be using it, though. It’s obvious that I spend far too much time on here and other similar sites, out of boredom or need for reassurance or whatever, but it’s done more to upset me than help.

I’m planning some major upgrades for myself and I’ll be back eventually because some of you are pretty rad. Until then, best wishes to everyone.

Oh, and we are all struggling, so try not to assume and just be nice to each other.


my moms going crazy she asked me if she could throw my tattered toms away pffftf.


i will be spamming yer dash with hairless carts cats that is.all


ima gonna be spamming some hairless carts soon soooo im sorry in advance

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